Rural Development Organization to be an excellent Organization in Tanzania, which provides social services at rural areas.


  1. Providing competent vocational education, training and products/services,
  2. Empowering vulnerable groups to be self-reliant,
  3. Implementation of Sustainable Agriculture via Best Farmers Association (BFA)
Main Objective

Improving Standard of life and working of the rural populations in Tanzania

Our Services

We provide sustainable and self-determined Services

1. Education

“Technical skills are a living profession of which thousand can depend”
We provide vocational education to both youth and adults in order to get liberated from poverty

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2. Orphan Support

We support Orphans through implementing a community-based approach because children they will not just lose their house and home, but also their native soil

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3. Water Supply

“Life needs clean and safe water” We make happy the community through provision of affordable and sustainable water supply services

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