Visit Of The Director General Of The Rural
Water And Sanitation Agency (RUWASA), Represented By Engineer Benard Bwile
Director Of Rural Water Distribution
Fidelis Filipatali , Executive Director of RDO
in International Microwave & Antennas
symposium held in CAIRO-EGYPT where
host more than 40 countries allover the
world 400 contributors.

RDO Executive Director with Water Technicians in one among of project’s Village

RDO Executive Director,Donors and
Workers at together picture at Malangali Centre

RDO Executive Director,Donors and Workers
at together picture at Mafinga Centre

RDO Executive Director, Mr. Fidelis Filipatali presenting a bee keeping activities in IEEE Power Africa Conference in Morocco-Marrakesh


Rural Development Organization (RDO) has been active in the rural highlands of Tanzania since 2001 and operating as an NGO since 2012. The goal of the organization is to foster community development by implementing projects in the following sectors:

  • Home-based Orphans Support Program: 2000 households in 60 villages
  • Water Supply Project: In 21 villages
  • Vocational Training Center: 400 students total, 600 graduates (2015-2023)
  • Kindergarten: 120 children attending

Income Generating Activities_Structure_Nov21


RDO is active in the following regions:

  • RDO Mdabulo branch
    • Mdabulo
    • Ibwanzi
    • Malangali
    • Mafinga
    • Mpanga Tazara
  • RDO Kilolo branch
    • Kilolo


1999: First contact between EWG and Mdabulo parish through its dioceses
2001: Agriculture trainings with a focus on erosion control
2003: Ongoing training in agriculture, foundation of farmers union “Best Farmers Association”
2007: Establishment of carpentry workshop and vocational school
2007: Introduction of the home-based orphans support program
2011: Implementation of first water supply projects
2011: Implementation of first solar projects
2012: Founding of NGO RDO Mdabulo
2015: Establishment of site in Ibwanzi village, Ihanu ward
2015: Registration of RDO Mdabulo VTC with VETA (Vocational and Educational Training Authority)
2016: Founding of RDO Kilolo, including RDO Kilolo VTC
2017: Establishment of site in Mafinga town
2018: Establishment of site in Malangali ward
2019: Establishment of site in Mpanga Tazara village